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  • Thoracic osteochondrosis is a very unpleasant disease that causes a lot of pain. How to correctly identify early disease so that timely measures can be taken to treat the disease? The first signs and symptoms of pathology are described in the article.
    21 December 2021
  • The etiology, causes and development stages of cervical osteochondrosis. Typical clinical manifestations and principles of treatment measures.
    27 December 2020
  • The osteochondrosis of cervical disease is a disease related to non-compliance with the change processes, namely the accumulation of salts in the blood and the lymph. The osteochondrosis of cervical causes a displacement of the vertebrae, which, in turn, pressed into the nerve endings and blood vessels, which leads to the pain tolerance of sensations.
    4 March 2020
  • One of the most common diseases in our time is the osteoarthritis of the knee. Below osteoarthritis of the knee understand the wear and tear of the cartilage. There are four degrees of damage of the cartilage.
    29 December 2019