Collar of the osteochondrosis – symptoms, home treatment

Collar of the osteochondrosis occupies a prominent place among the common diseases. The symptoms, treatment, and the risk of injury-a phenomenon long studied. To carry out the therapy at home, we're going to see in all the details.

The osteochondrosis of cervical – stage

There are 4 stages of the disease, let's take a look at each one of them.

Stage I

The treatment of the degenerative disc disease cervical

The discs of the spine move, it alters its stability. It is characterized by the tension of the muscles in the diseased area, may also manifest with mild pain. The initial phase was weakly expressed, often the patient does not take account of a slight indisposition.

Stage II

Intervertebral disk passes in the channel, the release of the destruction of fibrous rings and reducing the distance between the bones of the cervical spine. The main symptoms of local pain, at certain points. When you bend over or move your head, the pain intensifies. The patient faster is depleted, you feel weak.

Stage III

It produces the complete destruction of the fibrous ring, it forms an inguinal hernia. The vertebral column is deformed, the pain intensifies, sometimes, the person limits the movement, to calm the discomfort. The head periodically, the fatigue, the apathy and fatigue comes quickly.

Stage IV

Collar of osteochondrosis in the last stage has its symptoms, which depends on the correction of treatment in the home. The affected area is blocked due to a sharp pain. The discomfort can sometimes go out, but this only further demonstrates the deterioration of the situation. Later, the pain intensified half.

Collar of the osteochondrosis – symptoms

Before you treat the osteochondrosis cervical, study the symptoms in the home.

The main features are:

  • the, deepening of the voice;
  • the partial destruction of the teeth or the deterioration of their status (the person goes to the dentist more often than usual);
  • the decadence of view;
  • a burning sensation between the shoulder blades;
  • the pain sensation in the throat (comparable with the sintomatologa, angina pectoris);
  • weakness in the arms;
  • the pain in the shoulder with the department, the occipital part, the hands;
  • breached the coordination of movements (the curve of the fly);
  • dizziness, which may lead to fainting;
  • fatigue;
  • a feeling of weakness, just after waking up;
  • snoring (not in all cases);
  • impairment of hearing, ringing in the ears;
  • the headaches that arise on a daily or frequent frequency;
  • the pain pulling of the nature on the left side of the chest, which gives in the hand;
  • the limited mobility of the neck, the cracking at the time of rotation/tilt.

The osteochondrosis of cervical can have other symptoms. The treatment, therefore, also varies depending on the stage of the disease. When running the cases the therapy takes place in the health centres, and not in the home.

Sheyno-chest of osteochondrosis – symptoms

The cause of the defeat of breastfeeding and of the division, often, it is the scoliosis, which manifests itself even in adolescence.

The symptomatology is the following:

  • the migraine headaches;
  • vertigo;
  • mutes the tongue, face;
  • asthenia;
  • the white spots in front of eyes;
  • nausea;
  • tenderness in the area of the heart muscle;
  • numb, freezing fingers of the hand;
  • the pressure peaks;
  • the pain in the shoulder with the belt;
  • the deterioration of the tone of the muscle fibers;
  • problems with the teeth.

Should not be diagnostic by itself, trust is a specialist.

What is the risk of degenerative disc disease cervical

If the disease has been known at an early age, then the damage is applied to all the departments of the vertebral column:

  • cervical radiculopathy;
  • the herniated cervical;
  • cervicobrachialgia;
  • the bulge in the neck (protrusion, intervertebral);
  • the complexity of vertebrates in the arteries, osteophytes neck, paresis, etc;
  • cervicobrachialgia.

Collar of the osteochondrosis, the symptoms that we have discussed previously, is a true danger. If the treatment in the home or institution to be launched in the later stage, then it requires therapy.

The treatment of the degenerative disc disease cervical

As practice shows, the most coveted is the burden of osteochondrosis cervical. Also in the home is done the massage itself, the doctor may prescribe to receive of pharmacies of drugs.

No. 1. Pharmacological treatment of osteochondrosis

The use of ointments/gels, pills, patches, of action will help to restore the integrity of the cartilage. It will also reduce the pain, goes away the inflammation, improves the circulation of blood in the inflamed area. The use of the medication should be in conjunction with other methods for the treatment in the home.

Among the most effective means that it makes sense to distinguish between the following:

Muscle relaxants

The osteochondrosis of cervical involves the reception of a muscle relaxant. But first it is necessary to identify the symptoms, the treatment in the home is assigned to the doctor. Medications to relieve the pain and spasms.

The complex of vitamins

In order to improve all of the metabolic processes doctor prescribes the intake of vitamins In the group.


Home remedies for the treatment of degenerative disc disease cervical

Aimed at restoring the cartilage tissue, strengthening blood circulation, decrease the pain. Duration of treatment is 3 to six months. Only after a course of possibility of a positive outcome.

No. 2. Home remedies for the treatment of degenerative disc disease cervical

The osteochondrosis of cervical has its symptoms, the treatment should appoint a specialist. If you have received the query, in the home can be used effective recipes.

The potatoes with the honey

Pass through a grater raw potatoes of medium size. Connect the mass with the same amount of honey. Apply on the inflamed area and attach a chiffon fabric. Wait about 50 minutes. Use the recipe every 3 days.

Paraffin wax

To avoid the feeling of pain, melt in a steam bath paraffin or wax. The mass cool down a bit, so as not to burn the skin. Apply over the affected area. It is not recommended to heat the area of the top of the back is applied exclusively in the neck. The procedure is done every 3 days.

The mass of turpentine

Of filtered water and rye flour to the dough. Pellet should not be very tight. Rubbing the inflamed area with turpentine and place the dough. Cover with a plastic film and to isolate the scarf. The procedure lasts no more than one-third of hours. It allows you to use the recipe three times a week.

The collection of herbs

Collar of the osteochondrosis can be resolve to base of herbs, if you have identified the symptoms. Through the reception of the cooking in the interior the treatment is carried out in the home. Therefore, mix 1 tablespoon of dandelion leaves, yarrow, thyme, st. john's wort, calendula, chamomile. Place 2 tablespoons of herbs collected in the flask. Pour half of 1 hp abrupt boiling water. Insist several hours, strain. Drink 60 ml 3 times a day before meals. Well being the course has a duration of 20 days.


It is prohibited to place on the area of the spine annoying. Not worth experimenting with dubious recipes, where it is assumed that the effect of cold or heat. With caution use different compositions due to the proximity of the cervical region and of the brain. This applies even to the natural medicines.

No. 3. Self-massage of the degenerative disc disease cervical

If done correctly the self-massage, will soon be at the height of all the unpleasant symptoms.


  • the movement of the fingers should come from the center of the spine toward the edges;
  • to perform the procedure exclusively at the tip of the fingers;
  • it is prohibited to heavily compress on the area of inflammation;
  • forget the sudden pressure and the rush, do everything without problems;
  • chop the head, the muscles of the back and side of the neck area.


The osteochondrosis of cervical should be treated immediately, as soon as you have revealed the symptoms. Pass the treatment in the home to reduce the likelihood of complications.


  • to perform the procedure exclusively sitting;
  • fold the leg and support the elbow, which drew up the back of the neck and the spine;
  • close the fingers of the opposite hand neck with all parties;
  • passes the friction of Swedish and kneading of the side and rear of the muscles;
  • finish the stroking;
  • duration: 10 minutes; frequency of every day.

No. 4. Exercise degenerative disc disease cervical

Before doing the exercises for degenerative disc disease cervical, warm bath in the tub or shower. This will help you to perform the procedure in the home of the best quality that will increase the flow of blood.

Each exercise is performed 10 to 12 repetitions every day.

No. 1

Stand up gently and place your arms along the trunk. Tilt your head forward and hold the position for 10 seconds. Repeat on the opposite side.

No. 2

Take the position, as mentioned above. Slowly turn the head to one side and hold. Repeat on the other side.

No. 3

Tilt your head in all parts. Stay on each for half a minute.

No. 4

Stand up, put hands at the waist. Send the chin forward and turn the head to one side. The chin should be over your shoulder. Along with this, turn the body with the head. Take 50 seconds.

No. 5

Self-massage of the degenerative disc disease cervical

Exactly sit in a chair, join the palm of the hand in the lap. Stretched the hand, and dissolve in part. In this same time will throw back the head. Return back. Follow all without problems.

No. 6

Take the position, as in exercise no. 5. Grip with the left hand behind your right shoulder and turn the head to the right. Keep the elbow at a right angle. Repeat on the opposite side.

No. 7

Exactly sit in a chair, raised above his head slightly bent hands. Turn the head to one side, to the extent possible. Take in this pose for 10 to 12 seconds. Repeat on the opposite side.


As soon as you have finished performing the exercises, make sure to roll light stretching of the muscles. Therefore, to avoid the appearance of pain the next day.

The result of the treatment of the degenerative disc disease cervical of the house

The osteochondrosis of cervical after the identification of the symptoms requires treatment. When properly carried out in the home of the therapy we get the following result:

  • it reduces the stress on the vertebrae;
  • it normalizes the flow of blood to a problematic area;
  • passes the symptoms are painful;
  • an increase of metabolism in the tissues;
  • are the spasms in the cervical region;
  • decreases muscular dystrophy of the bones and the cartilages.

On the basis of the treatment within the gymnastics osteochondrosis cervical. If you systematically perform in the home, this will give you the best result. If you decide to make use of the aid of medicines, make sure you agree on the course with the doctor.