Low back pain: types, causes, treatment

Many of us are familiar with the pain of pulling back. One can only sit for a while in an uncomfortable position-this is the result.

The fact that waist area or waist pain often occurs can be proved by the fact that about 80% of the population suffers at least once in their lives. Usually, acute pain will eventually become chronic pain, and according to neurologists, it will occur in 40% of patients in the second year of the second year. In the long run, the total number of patients with recurrence of pain will reach 85%.

What is the warning for low back pain?

Nowadays, doctors do not consider low back pain to be a diagnosis, but a symptom, usually a signal of the development of certain internal diseases. Whether it is pain or shooting, acute or chronic back pain can be divided into primary and secondary, caused by the pathology of the spine itself.

The latter heralds many functional abnormalities of the body, such as infection or tumor progression of the pelvic organs, osteoporosis, inflammatory diseases of the ovaries, kidneys and other organs, dysmenorrhea, large blood vessel damage or certain diseases of the nervous system. . .

The main cause of low back pain

Osteochondrosis is the most common cause of lower back pain. It is easy to "make money" by sitting in front of a computer for a long time, driving a car or doing some monotonous work, and repeating the same actions continuously. As a result, the nerve roots of the spinal cord are clamped.

Usually, the low back pain of osteochondrosis will gradually increase. At first, people may only feel a slight pain in the lower back. When the body position changes, the pain will quickly disappear. However, with the passage of time, even a simple cough or sneeze, the pain will increase, or even worse. In addition, changes in the curvature of the lumbar spine become obvious: left and right or front and back.


If the nerve root is severely violated, the sensitivity of the lower part of the skin and muscles may be reduced, and it may even cause bladder and colon dysfunction.

Severe and sudden low back pain

When the human body freezes in a bent posture and cannot move, this pain is exacerbated when touching the body with minimal movement. In this case, consider low back pain or sciatica.

In the first case, the pain is caused by the malnutrition process of the intervertebral disc, where the core of the intervertebral disc is literally broken down into individual pieces.

Sciatica can invade the nerve roots next to the located bone and damage the largest sciatic nerve in the body. The nerve starts from the lumbar spine and extends down the leg to the tip of the finger. Therefore, pain may appear over its entire length, causing serious inconvenience.

Pain with ribs attached to the spine

This pain is usually dull, sore, and radiates to the lower abdomen, belly button and sagging cartilage. When pain occurs, you should seriously consider kidney disease, because the pain is related to stretching the capsule that places the kidney, for example, pyelonephritis or ureteral obstruction can happen.

Lumbago during pregnancy

It should be clearly understood that the causes of early pain are different from the causes of late pregnancy. If the waist is slightly painful in the early stage, don't panic. This may be a physiological process and no measures are needed.

Low back pain during pregnancy

However, if the pain is sharp enough and there is pulsation, you should consult a gynecologist immediately, because the risk of miscarriage is not ruled out during this period. Similarly, in the initial stage, the level of the hormone progesterone in women's blood rises, and pain may be related to this.

Lower abdomen and lower back pain may occur. In this case, consultation with a doctor is also necessary because of the urgent need to ensure that the pregnancy will not be ectopic.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, back pain will definitely occur naturally, because the baby will grow up, pressing the head on the ac bone, and will produce the hormone relaxin, which is necessary for muscle relaxation during childbirth. Mild back pain.

In addition, the closer you are to childbirth, the more frequently the body arranges "pain exercises" to train and prepare the expectant mother.

But severe and severe lower back pain in the third trimester may indicate shortening of the cervix and opening of the uterine pharynx. This situation is already serious and requires urgent medical care.

Pain is accompanied by fatigue and the desire to lie down

We can talk about a typical problem of middle-aged women, the so-called spinal instability. In the context of being overweight, there are diseased intervertebral discs or intervertebral joints, and women may have difficulty bending and straightening. And any action seems to be redundant and unnecessary.

How to deal with low back pain

Only a specialist doctor can clearly answer this question after careful examination and diagnosis. Therefore, you should not delay your visit under any circumstances. General measures to combat low back pain include drugs and various physical therapy agents.

How to deal with back pain

The main treatment methods are as follows:

  • Drugs-non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers, hormones;
  • Injection (obstruction) in the intervertebral joint area and certain muscle points;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Manual and physical therapy;
  • Remedial gymnastics;
  • Surgical treatment.

In addition, in order to limit the range of motion, it is sometimes recommended to wear a special corset that can significantly relieve spine pain.

Finally, we need to remember the general fact that disease is easier to prevent than prevention. Therefore, don't forget exercise, gymnastics and active recreational activities, because low back pain is rare among mobile and athletic people.