How to treat osteochondrosis at home: traditional medicine and sports

Compress the pain in osteochondrosis

The appearance of osteochondrosis cannot be ignored. This will threaten the development of complex pathology and disc herniation. You can treat yourself at home after consulting a doctor.

The treatment of this disease in the early stage of the disease can avoid complications and will not change the normal lifestyle of the disease.

Osteochondrosis is a spinal disease

Osteochondrosis is a disease that affects the spine. It includes dystrophy of the intervertebral disc. They contract and begin to press on the discs.

The elasticity gradually deteriorated, the nerve endings were clamped, and pain and swelling appeared. As the disease progresses, complications may occur, worsening the quality of life.

According to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), osteochondrosis has the M42 code. In this case, juvenile osteochondrosis of the spine will be designated as M42, and adult will be designated as M42. 1. If you have any questions about the diagnosis, please use code M42. 9. This is called osteochondrosis of the spine and is not specified.

When dividing osteochondrosis into parts of the spine, other codes will be used. With the failure of the cervical region M42. 02, and the failure of the cervical thoracic cavity M42. 03.

Type of disease

Osteochondrosis of the spine spreads in different parts of it.

What type of osteochondrosis occurs:

  • Cervix;
  • boobs;
  • Waist s part;
  • Multi-pigmented, can spread in multiple places at once;
  • Exist widely, affecting at least two departments;
  • Osteochondrosis of the shoulder, hip and knee joints.
X-ray examination for cervical osteochondrosis


To establish a diagnosis, you must consult a specific doctor. Osteochondrosis is treated by a neurologist or vertebral surgeon. After they consult, choose a treatment.

To do this, you need to do the following:

    X-ray of the spine;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Computer tomography.

The doctor can order any other tests necessary for a proper diagnosis.

Degree of osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis gradually develops and goes through four stages.

Features of disease stage:

  • In the first stage of disease development, changes that affect the height of the intervertebral disc begin to appear. But this is not obvious yet. All changes occur in the disc itself.
  • In stage 2the height of the intervertebral discs is reduced and converges. This can cause muscles and ligaments to sag. There is instability of the vertebrae and the entire musculoskeletal system.
  • In the 3 stages of the development of osteochondrosis, obvious symptoms appear. The vertebrae began to change. The disc is prominent.
  • Stage 4The patient’s body is struggling with this problem. Bone growth on the vertebrae begins to form, which may damage nerve endings. There are signs of joint inactivity and the vertebrae fall into a kind of shell.

Early treatment is quicker and a full recovery can be guaranteed.

Reasons for the development of osteochondrosis

The beginning of the disease development is uneven spine load. This is a certain habit that many people do not notice.

Which habits can lead to the development of osteochondrosis:

  • carrying a bag and carrying a bag;
  • Very soft sleeping place;
  • The shoes are wrong;
  • Any harm;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Age-related changes;
  • Overweight.

But this does not mean that in one of these cases, rickets will inevitably develop.

For this, there must be other additional factors:

  • Overworked and stressed.
  • Digestive system rupture, malabsorption of nutrients.
  • Pathological changes in heredity or posture.
  • Nicotine and malnutrition.
  • Pathology when holding a child.

Symptoms of osteochondrosis

Cervical hernia

With the development of osteochondrosis, different symptoms will be observed in different areas of the spine:

If the cervical spine is affected, you will observe:

  • HeadacheIt does not go away with the medicine. Vision is still deteriorating, flies start to appear in front of the eyes, and ears make noises.
  • HypoxiaBecause the arteries are compressed. Reduce blood circulation in the brain.
  • You may experience icing and breathing difficulties.Depending on the progress of the disease, external symptoms of the disease may appear.

If the chest area is affected, there will be pain in the chest and intercostal area:

  • You may still feel the upper abdomen.Some people initially mistaken it for heart or stomach pain. In this case, the discomfort of the swallowing reflex may occur, and a cough may occur.
  • In the center of the chest, the symptoms are similar to gastritis or ulcers, but your blood pressure will be high.
  • If the lower thoracic spine is affected,may falsely indicate worsening appendicitis.

Waist ac bone:

  • Pain in the waist and legs.In this case, sometimes the skin on the legs may feel numb. After any load, low back pain will appear in the lower back.
  • If the lesion is severe enough, paralysis may occur.Men have problems with erections and urination.
  • Any symptomsrequire special treatment. Regardless of the affected area, osteochondrosis can be treated.

First aid for pain relief at home

Osteochondrosis may appear unexpectedly in the form of pain and low back pain. In some ways, they resemble symptoms of stomach or heart disease.

What is dorsago?

This is an episode of severe and acute chest pain. Uncomfortable positions can cause muscle cramps. Pain under the shoulder bones and chest.

It looks a lot like a heart attack. But with the circular motion, the pain will begin to increase. If you have an ECG examination, nothing will be displayed. The use of heart medications does not help.

What is back pain?

This is an episode of chest pain, and the feeling gradually increases. The duration of the attack may vary from hours to weeks. They will be particularly strong when sucked in or tilted in any direction.

Pain worsens at night. These two phenomena can be observed in the acute stage of sternal osteochondrosis.

Body posture relieves spinal pain

First aid measures for seizures at home:

  1. Wrap and heat areas of the body where pain is felt.A cold can help some patients. However, this compression should be performed on the advice of a doctor and under the supervision of a doctor.
  2. The patient should be placed on a flat and firm surface.For this, use wood planks or floors.
  3. If the pain spreads to the neck,you need to fix it with a splint.
  4. If you experience severe chest pain, you should use a tight chest bandage.
  5. If you have back pain and back pain in your waist,will place a roller under it. When the leg muscles were tense, he was placed under the knee, with his legs slightly bent.
  6. Anesthetics can be used.

General treatment principles

If you have symptoms of osteochondrosis, you should go to the hospital. The treatment of this disease is usually carried out in a complex environment.

Measures taken: use of drugs, drugs; special exercises; proper nutrition and surgery.

If the disease is chronic and the exacerbation period has begun, the patient needs:

  • Observe bed rest.
  • The sleeping area must be firm.
  • If severe pain occurs, the patient's exercise should be restricted.

Treatment of osteochondrosis at home

If surgery is not required, osteochondrosis can be treated at home. For this, you need to be patient and follow all the doctor’s recommendations.

Use spray gun

Home care:

  • Choose exercises from complex physiotherapy exercises.Gymnastics can be done in the morning and evening, but only in accordance with a specific plan.
  • According to the location of osteochondrosis, self-massage should be carried out. If necessary, get an expert.
  • For treatment, various folk formulas such as rub and tin are used.They are used for compression and friction. Use medicated bath to get good results. Herbal tea or essential oils are suitable.
  • Use acupuncture or acupressure at home.However, it is best to invite experts.
  • An inexpensive but effective treatment is to use a needle applicator.It can also help treat many other diseases.

Magnets help cure osteochondrosis. The magnetic field restores blood circulation. For this purpose, specialequipment is used.In this case, various techniques will be used, depending on how advanced the disease is. The device has a good therapeutic effect.

The influence of sports on rickets

Exercise can improve the quality of treatment of osteochondrosis, and:

  • Muscle function recovery.
  • Improve motor functions.
  • Normalization of blood circulation.
  • Recovery of metabolic processes.
  • Provide oxygen to the spinal tissue.
  • Harmful substances can be removed from the body faster.

Moderate exercise is essential to treat and prevent this disease.


A set of exercises for osteochondrosis

You can exercise in different starting positions.

Select complex objects separately:

  • Exercise 1.Lie on your back with your arms extended to your legs. At the same time, they raised their heads and kept their heads in that position.
  • Exercise 2.When lying in any position, you need to twist your hands, bend your elbows or your hands.
  • Exercise 3.In the supine position, you need to raise your arms and pull them towards the ceiling.
  • Exercise 4.Lie on your back and put the shoulder blades together. In this position, hovering a little.
  • Exercise 5.Lie on either side with one hand under the ear and the other on the floor. In this case, you can raise or swing your arms.
  • Exercise 6.Lie on your stomach with your arms stretched forward, acting like swimming.
  • Exercise 7.In the sitting position, you can tilt your head to the sides, forward or backward. Carry out a simulated cycle of movement.

Pilates and Yoga

To prevent osteochondrosis, exercise when doing yoga or Pilates.

Yoga practice:

  • You must stand firmly and keep your feet together.
  • Lower your arms along your body.
  • The chest cavity should be lengthened.
  • In this position, you must stand for at least 5 minutes.

This yoga element will help prevent osteochondrosis.


  • In the initial standing position, place your hands on your shoulders. You need to press your hands on your shoulders every 15 minutes while exhaling steadily;
  • At the same starting position, put your hands down and move your head circularly in different directions. At the same time, you need to monitor your breathing.

Massage and physical therapy

In the treatment of osteochondrosis, it cannot be done without using physical therapy procedures.

Method used:

  • Use a special mat to stretch the spine. This method is called antihypertensive therapy.
  • Magnetic therapy is used to improve blood circulation and eliminate edema.
  • Ultrasound helps relieve inflammation.
  • The acoustic reflection method is used to administer drugs through ultrasound.
  • EHF stimulates the body and helps restore the mobility of the intervertebral disc.
  • Laser therapy can reduce inflammation.
  • Vibration is used to massage the desired area.
  • Darsonvalization refers to the old treatment method. It lies in the effect of high-frequency current.


Treating osteochondrosis without medication is incomplete. Depending on the progress of the disease, oral tablets or capsules can be used. Ointments and injections.

What will these drugs do? They will relieve pain, prevent inflammation, repair tissues, improve blood circulation and relieve depression.

Acupuncture and manual therapy

Can acupuncture help osteochondrosis? Its use can be included in a variety of treatment measures.

When using acupuncture, people will feel less pain and activate cortisol, which will help eliminate inflammation; restore blood circulation and enhance the effect of tranquilizers. Acupuncture sessions should be conducted by experts.

Manual treatment technique used:

  • Special massage.
  • Mobilization or automatic mobilization.
  • Manipulation involves various sports aimed at improving joint mobility.

These treatments can prevent many diseases.


Useful nutrition for osteochondrosis

When detecting osteochondrosis, nutrition should follow certain principles, including:

  • Choose low-calorie foods;
  • Mandatory use of fermented milk products;
  • Add plant-based foods to the diet;
  • Nutrition should be balanced;
  • Exclude all harmful products;
  • Observe the drinking style.

Eat more foods containing vitamins and minerals. This enhances the therapeutic effect and makes preventive measures more effective.

PhD practice

Exercise can target osteochondrosis in different sectors.


  1. In the standing position, you need to throw your head back and stand for about 30 seconds.
  2. At the same position, you need to turn your head in different directions.
  3. Tilt your head to your shoulders and hold it for 20 seconds.
  4. Sit in a chair, raise his hands and hold them there.

This type of treatment is included in the package of measures taken.


To avoid osteochondrosis, prevention is necessary. Even if the treatment is successful, preventive measures cannot be given up.

These measures will help prevent many other diseases:

  • Organize your workplace properly.This is especially true for office workers. You need to choose the height of the table and chair, the computer should be at the correct distance;
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the arrangement of sleeping places.Pillows and mattresses must be plastic surgery.
  • To avoid the development of osteochondrosis, prefer vegetables, fruits, lean fish and meat in food; milk products should always be in the diet.
  • Exercise.You can stay active by exercising for 10 minutes every morning without drinking alcohol or nicotine.
  • Regular massage of the back and other parts of the body.

People who have no symptoms but are at risk also need prevention. This refers to people between the ages of 40-45 and the elderly, regardless of their activities.


Osteochondrosis is a common disease that affects many people. But in the early stages of development, it can be treated and will not deteriorate the quality of human life. When using complex treatment methods, the effect will be achieved quickly.