Degenerative joint disease, which is accompanied by a slow destruction of the articular cartilage on the inside, is called arthritis. The expiration of an extended period of time, osteoarthritis causes significant changes of the extremities in the joints of the bones, they begin to encounter the inflammatory processes, and periarticular tissue start to deteriorate. The concept of "arthritis" includes a large group of diseases of the joints, who have degenerative-inflammatory in nature, which have other causes, but the mechanisms of development are similar.

Osteoarthritis is the world's leading joint diseases. With age the chances of developing osteoarthritis is greatly increased. According to statistics, about 15% of the population suffers from osteoarthritis. This disease affects men and women. Women most often possible to meet arthrosis of the joints, interphalangeal.

The causes of osteoarthritis


The cause of the osteoarthritis is a metabolic disease in common, which leads to loss of elasticity of cartilage tissue. This causes a partial or total loss of the proteoglycans of the composition of the cartilage, usually, these effects occur because of cracks that are deeper than the cartilage. Also proteoglycans ceases to be produced by the body due to an error in the production of cells common.

Experts say that the articular cartilage may begin destroyed due to metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, genetic factors, reduction of blood flow to the joints, to the third age, injury, and also diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. But the most common cause of the onset of osteoarthritis remains uneven load on the joints, as the cartilage is not able to manage it.

The types of arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a primary and a secondary. Primary osteoarthritis occurs in 40 – 50% of the cases of diseases and occurs because of heavy loads on the joints, but in any case not to cause injury.

Secondary osteoarthritis occurs because of damage, 50 – 60% of the cases the disease has evolved, then past damage to the joints.

The symptoms for osteoarthritis

The first symptom for osteoarthritis is pain when the load on him, that pass, when the joint is at rest; the creaking of the joints, the muscles thesis in the field of the joint, reducing its mobility. Affected by osteoarthritis of the joints periodically swell and, with the passing of time begin to warp.

Complications during osteoarthritis

If it is not addressed to a specialist and do not start to treat osteoarthritis, then with time this will lead to disastrous results. The affected joint can not only completely destroyed, but it will lead to a change of the biomechanics of the spine, resulting in the emergence of hernia in the intervertebral discs and osteoarthritis begins to develop in the joints healthy. Therefore, it is better to avoid complications osteoarthritis of the joints.

How to cure osteoarthritis?

It is better to carry out the treatment of the patients once the initial phase, which should be comprehensive and pathogenetic. In this stage of treatment removes the causes that contribute to the development of this disease, also dismissed the inflammatory changes and restores the previously lost function. In the complex treatment of osteoarthritis drugs are used, in the possession of painkillers and anti-inflammatory, and treatments of physiotherapy, have an analgesic effect on the joints.

During the thermal treatment the mineral used mud and water, and also the climatic conditions, favourable force in patients joints.

The treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies

Herbal treatment for osteoarthritis takes place, the impact on the same cause. Treatment osteoarthritis herbal medicine: is able to retain any progression of the disease and the controls. Below will be listed the recipes not conventional and folk medicine, used in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Herbal supplements are used in combination with other drugs.

Already after three weeks of application of traditional medicine, it is possible to notice significant improvements. But you must remember that only the long-term use can consolidate the effect. Even if health improves, it is necessary to continue the application of herbal medicine to change in the next five years.

For different age groups, there are individual doses of drugs. Children up to one year prescribed half a teaspoon per day. A teaspoon a day – children from one to three years. The children (ages three to six years to appoint a tablespoon per day. If your child is age six to ten years – one tablespoon per day. For people over the age of ten years is recommended to take per day two tablespoons.

The first recipe

Birch leaves, nettle leaves and inflorescence of calendula is taken in equal parts. At the end you have to get two spoons. We got crushed collection in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and leave overnight. Starting from the next morning you need to take a half a cup of broth of four — five times a day. The admission to the course of this recipe is two – three months.

The second recipe

the causes of osteoarthritis

Take 4 of the succession of grass and leaves by lingon, for 3 parts, grass clover, viola tricolor and shoots of rosemary, 2 parts flax seeds, nettle leaves and peppermint, st. john's wort, and the kidneys of a poplar. Should be out two tablespoons of the collection. We sleep in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and leave to infuse for one night. You need to take every day a half cup of four – five times a day for two to three months.

The third recipe

Take 5 pieces of fruits of hawthorn and st. john's wort, 4 parts grass viola tricolor, oregano and thyme, 2 pieces of root of galangal, buds of pine, eucalyptus and peppermint herbs, and 1 piece of the root of calamus. At the end it should come out two tablespoons of the collection. Take the mixture in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and leave for a night, the broth defended. The admission to the course of this medicine should be two – to-three months, half a cup of four – five times a day.

The fourth recipe

Take 5 pieces of grass, rosemary, 3 parts of hop cones, buds of birch, st. john's wort, and chamomile flowers, 2 parts grass clover, nettle leaves, and roots of elecampane, and to 1 part fruit fennel, linden flowers and mint leaves. In the final analysis, it must beat 3 tablespoons of the collection. As in the previous recipes, and all fall asleep in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and leave overnight. The admission to the course kind of prescription is two to three months with doses of broth, half a cup of four – five times a day.

How to treat arthritis you need to a whole, so to get the best results, it is necessary to combine traditional and popular herbal remedies. Thanks to these measures, it is possible to speed up the recovery.

Treatment of osteoarthritis with the help of dandelion

The dandelion is a great folk remedy for the treatment of many diseases, including osteoarthritis of the knee. To use the dandelion for the treatment of arthrosis must every day to get to the five of clubs. To do this, it is necessary only at the end of may. Via wash the flowers with boiled water and let to dry, after which chews them to a state of suspension.

For the treatment in the winter during the periods that you need to make a supply of dried leaves of dandelion. If necessary, you can pour a tablespoon of dried leaves and chew. Take this medicine, you should each evening. You need to remember the three thousand steps, which should pass every evening.

In the summer, it is carried out the treatment with infusion of dandelion. The infusion is made in the following way: take five bottles, one dark and fill with yellow flowers, the dandelion first half, then fill the bottle up to the top of the triple cologne. Received mixture is necessary to insist for a month, after – school. Stored so the infusion at room temperature only. The infusion are the sick knee joints. Best to do these procedures before I go to sleep. For the month of this treatment uses a bottle of infusion. For the daily treatment knees are not bad, but not worth to think that the pain will not return. For this not to happen it is necessary for the purposes of prevention of chewing the leaves of the dandelion and rub the sick knee joints infusion of dandelion.

Valid pack from osteoarthritis

Most of the elderly people not only suffer from osteoarthritis, however, and continues to suffer from the deposition of salts. In this case, it is right to look to the folk remedies of treatment which, in most cases, have an effective result, unlike traditional medicine.

Take equal proportions of medical bile, may's flower honey, glycerin, ammonia 10%, and the medical iodine 5%. All the components join, mix thoroughly and insist for ten days in a dark place. Before applying the mixture must be well shaken. Required quantity composed emptied into a small jar and heat in a bain-marie. Soaked hit in the broth need to put in common and leave it the whole night. Above the bands is a plastic bag and wool fabric. This treatment should be up to complete healing.

How to get rid of joint pain by a pack of cock?

Some people are not a force to treat arthritis for a long time. In this case it fits perfectly people prescription the treatment of osteoarthritis, which is successfully deformed, osteoarthritis, and so terrible fracture of the neck of the femur. For the preparation of the medicinal drugs needs of a normal radish.

To prepare a compress of sauce you need to grate the roots of horseradish, pour the water and put on low heat until its steaming. The water, in any case, it must not boil. The broth resulting need to put on a fabric pre-moistened in the broth. The fabric is necessary to focus on the defeat. For the winter you need to keep a stock of dried roots of horseradish. In the event of the need to grind the roots, steam and attach to the sore spot.

Get rid of cramps, swelling and pain

There are cases, when a person is suffering from not only arthritis and polyarthritis, and rheumatism. Help in this case is very difficult and in most cases, the patient is forced to endure the pain and cramps every day. Traditional medicine is not able to do something. The patient remains in-itself-for-itself with the disease and the pain. The majority of patients preparing for a slow and painful death. But not desperate, because these diseases can also be found the medicines.

the treatment of osteoarthritis

One of these drugs is normal, the hydrogen peroxide, that there are in every pharmacy. To cure osteoarthritis hydrogen peroxide should be taken in small portions. Of course, the pain will not go immediately, but after nine months of daily intake of drugs, the pain slowly starts to decrease. It is necessary to take the hydrogen peroxide every day, without breaks, and after six months will be visible in direct. With each meal the pain begins to decrease, and health – improving.

For the treatment of seizures there are a variety of expensive medications, that not everyone can afford. In this case, it is possible to use a normal magnet. Need to take small magnets of the size of two centimeters to one centimeter and half a centimeter.

Magnets must be attached to each leg and leave for a night. First, fara is very bad, but for about ten minutes, the pain stops. Note that the magnets are very strong diuretic, so we have to beat the alert. For one night can break even the most strong convulsions, and rheumatoid nodules. Magnets will have to apply every night, and the morning of the shoot.

Not worth using the large magnets, so as not to have too strong an action. Therefore, it is better to divide it into several smaller pieces. This tool helps to relieve the pain in any place after 6-10 hours.

Massage in sea water for the treatment of osteoarthritis

When deformation osteoarthritis doctors prescribe a lot of expensive medications. Unfortunately, not every patient economically independent and able to buy them. But the pain with this diagnosis so strong, that the sick are forced to buy them.

In these cases, it did not hurt to climb the diseased leg in water with bicarbonate of soda and salt. For this you need to pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 3 tablespoons of salt. The mixture pour into a bowl and cover with hot water, to be able to withstand, and dip the inside of the foot. Into the water directly, you need to do a massage all the soles and toes. Massage the leg at least 15 – 20 minutes. The legs can not be deleted, and I would wear wool socks and go to sleep.

After months of these procedures, the pain gradually subside. To secure the treatment you need to continue treatment every day for two months. This massage is a great example of how with the help of improvised means can be cured with this disease, such as arthrosis deformans.